A set of versions for the logo of "Vérité". (Website)
Vérité is a college film/video production group in British Columbia Institute of Technology. For the past year, this group has produced 2 exellent short films - The Haze, Taco Twos-Day and two client promos. In which, "The Haze" has won three awards (BEA Honourable Mention in the Narrative category, BEAC 2013 Video Drama - 1st place, BEAC 2013 President's Award).
The logo of  "Vérité"  incorporates a dimond shape as its base and a script typeface of the name "véRité" with the "R" empasised. This logo expresses the meaning of wisdom and clarity, as well as its motto - We believe in the art of storytelling and the power of visual media to connect with people - as what we believe that is the "R"eal meaning of cinema.
Vé•ri•té |ˌveriˈtā|
ORIGIN French, Literally 'truth"
version 01 - The fundation
version 01-2
3D version
version 02
3D version with background
version 02-2
Final version
version 03 - legacy version

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